A list of works is available here

Works are either available directly from me, or through the Canadian Music Centre.

A few audio samples of musical works...

Violinist Darragh Morgan, performing at the University of Ulster in Derry, Ireland. Flame is for violin, live electroacoustics, and optional interactive video.

Come to me from Krete...

Toronto’s Continuum Ensemble with Patricia O’Callaghan. Text by Sappho.


Trombonist Abbie Conant performing in the premiere at the Centre for Art and Media  (ZKM) in Germany.

Easy Pieces

Orkest ‘de ereprijs’ Easy Pieces was recently presented as part of their UK Tour.


Electroacoustic music, occasionally with video, resonant junk, installation elements, usw. See here for more information.

A few short excerpts on the 326 and Canadian Music Centre sites:

    The drab debate the dreary

      Photo Shopped Music

      A Graveyard of Unwanted Sound


A short electroacoustic piece composed for presentation over a large diverse multichannel loudspeaker system. Originally ‘n-channel’, the stereo version here at least gives a flavour.

Gotlandic Miscellanea

In June 2007 I had a residency at the Visby International Centre for Composers on the island of Gotland in Sweden. Upon arriving, the centre's amiable studio manager, Jesper Elén, asked whether I'd like to take their new stereo microphone for a 'test drive'. Going for long recording walks under the guise of 'doing work' seemed like a rather good idea, so I was happy to oblige.

The material that resulted is a random collection of sonic flotsam, some bits recorded during various explorations of the island, some based on various objects (the famous local stones, shells, etc.) taken back to the studio for more detailed examination. In the piece these sounds are at times recognisable, and at times not; but in any case I wasn't concerned with creating a particular narrative, and rather just tried to see what might result from various treatments and combinations.

Technically the piece makes use of a number of techniques that we've been developing at the University of Birmingham as approaches to large scale (> 8 channels) multichannel composition, but I won't belabour things by going into detail here. The version here is the stereo one made for the Deep Wireless 6 CD, and hosted on Sonus site.

Gotlandic Miscellanea is dedicated to my friend and colleague Jonty Harrison. I'd also like to thank Jesper Elén and Ramon Anthin of the Centre for Composers in Visby for being such generous and welcoming hosts, and my wife Daria, for her enthusiastic soundmaking on behalf of the piece.

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